James Anthony

My name is James Anthony and I have been a teacher, and trainer for almost 30 years. 

Aspen Teacher Education exists to help overworked and unhappy teachers, use their existing skills to live happier, healthier lives. 

Teachers join the profession to make a difference, and are some of the most committed and passionate people I have ever met. 

Sadly today in many schools, the jobs teachers are asked to do - are broken. 

Workload expectations are often wildly unrealistic, and the pressure to achieve arbitrary targets drives teachers to make sacrifices with their health and family lives.

The Aspen is a symbol of rebirth. Celtic cultures used Aspen wood to fashion shields - believing that it's light weight and strength would protect them from physical and spiritual harm. The Aspen is a symbol of overcoming or conquering something negative. 

Native Americans believed the Aspen symbolized clarity of purpose, determination and overcoming fear and doubt.

I hope the help I publish here will help you find your own positive direction - and free you to live a happier, healthier teaching life ..